Now What? The future of living with food allergies…

Is this a forever situation?

Some children will grow out of their food allergies. Others will not. If your child has an egg, milk, wheat or soy allergy there is a 80% to 90% chance they will outgrow the allergy. If your child has a peanut allergy, the likelihood is 20% that the child will outgrow it. It is even lower for tree nuts or seafood.

How will we know if it goes away?

Your pediatrician or allergist will perform tests to track your child’s food allergies. There are different tests they will use. Some of these are also used to confirm a food allergy so you may be familiar with the process.

Will there ever be a cure?

Most doctors we have met believe they will see a cure for food allergies in their lifetime. There are different drugs in the pipeline today that are not cures, but increase tolerance to allergens. There are some options out there that are showing promising results to lessen the risk of accidental exposure, including oral immunotherapy (basically eating small amounts of the allergen and increasing the amount over time).

What about my child’s future?

There are some pretty amazing kids out there who are thriving with food allergies. As children grow up they are more and more able to manage their food allergy. Their future is bright, and they will not let a food allergy stop them. In fact, many use food allergies as topics for college admissions essays to showcase their experience managing relationships, advocating for others, and pursuing entrepreneurship. They are not alone and neither are you!