prevent and manage picky eaters

Picky eating is common thing especially if your child is between 1 and 6 years old. We’ve pulled together 3 bundles of goodies to help you get started. Ready to prevent picky eating? Ready to take on a picky eater? We’ve got you. 

bundle 1: the normal stuff

Aren’t we all a little bit picky sometime? Read more to see where your kid falls on the picky eating spectrum.

Bundle 2: common pitfalls

Here we cover how to prevent nutritional deficiencies, when your kid may be at risk of having one and how to deal with the pressure to make sure they eat.

Bundle 3: Strategies for success (what to do)

Onward! Let’s take this picky eating thing head on. Learn about schedules, making feeding fun, and more evidence-based tricks.


Why do kids suddenly become picky?

Yup. From evolution to growth. Picky is a thing.

Why we started Foublie

Hint: Because feeding kids should be easier!