What you need to know about managing a new food allergy for your child

We have heard from so many parents how overwhelming a new food allergy diagnosis can be. We want you to start here. These articles were put together to keep it simple, and the contents are always evidence based. We recommend you read them in order. 

Bundle 1 you can read online, but the rest you’ll have to download the App. 

You can do this! And always remember, Foublie is here to help.

bundle 1: the first steps

Take a deep breath and we’ll get you through the basics from label reading to food allergy 101.

bundle 2: now what can we actually eat?

OK. Open up that fridge and pantry. It’s time to toss, swap and get back to eating.

bundle 3: Getting outta the house

A parent needs to get out of the house with and without your kiddos. Here’s what you need to know to feel confident and be prepared.

bundle 4: you've got this! time to take on a bit more

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, lets learn how to be safe at school, parties and what to expect in the future.