How to Eat at Restaurants with a Food Allergy

Going out to eat can be stressful when managing a food allergy.

Going out to eat can be stressful with children.

There are many resources out there to help you pick a restaurant, so do some research in advance. Ask your allergist and friends for their recommendations. Reading online reviews is also extremely helpful. We like the Spokin and Allergy Eats for crowd sourced feedback on restaurants.  Once you pick a destination you need to have your game face on. Here we have it in 3 steps:


Step one: Call first and ask to speak to the manager

You need to find out if they are able and willing to accommodate you. Call at off peak hours because you want to really talk to someone and have their attention.

Here is a script:


Step two: Be prepared when you go


Step three: Be mindful while at the restaurant